The best ideas to remove eye makeup

Published on 20th Jun, 2016 by Annie

Many women these days wish to do an attention-grabbing eye makeup on their own. They are willing to use the best in class cosmetics and enhance the overall attractiveness of their eyes. On the other hand, they have failed to remove their eye makeup in a proper way. They search for the most convenient way to take their eye makeup away.

Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is the most recommended product for every woman who searches for the easiest way to remove their

The first step to remove your eye makeup is wet your eyes with warm tap water. Take a cotton ball and dab some baby shampoo on it. You have to wipe this cotton ball gently on your eyelids.

Do not forget to close your eyes before you apply a small amount of baby shampoo and massage it on your eyes. After a few minutes of massage, you can wash this baby shampoo off with lukewarm water. Now, take a clean cloth towel and wipe your face dry completely.


You may have excess eye makeup and unable to remove this makeup by using the most common baby shampoo. This is worthwhile to keep focusing on the most recommended moisturizer for removing eye makeup as safe as possible. Once you have chosen and bought the best suitable moisturizer, you can use it and remove your eye makeup without difficulty. You have to close your eyes and apply a small amount of moisturizer on eyes where you wish to take the makeup away. Gently massage for a few seconds and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Baby wipes

Some women nowadays use their baby wipe and get a hassle-free method for removing eye makeup on their own. You can take a baby wipe and wipe it across your eyes after you have closed your eyes.